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Florins Floors LLC

Hardwood Floor Refinishing / INSTALLING

Florins Floors LLC

Hardwood Floor Refinishing / INSTALLING



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Does Your Hardwood Floor Need Refinishing?

Hardwood Floors can last a lifetime if properly cared for! 

While most hardwood floors, if properly maintained, will never need a sand and refinish there are circumstances in which sanding is the only option. Heavy wear traffic pattern , water damaged floors or improper care of the floors can result in a "must" sand and refinish. We use a dustless containment system eliminating the dust creating a virtually dust free environment. While no process is 100% dustless, it does take care of 90-95% of the dust.  

As a topcoat finish we also offer options such as oil or water based polyurethane finishes. 

 Buff & Coat -Hardwood Floors

Also known as " Screen and Coat" it's a process that is the most efficient option when it comes to rejuvenating or just bringing your floors back to "life". Buff and Coat option is a simple low-cost method to restore the  beauty lost due to residue build-up, and years of everyday traffic.

Our team of flooring experts will use a professional strength product to lift (buff)  heavy residues including gums, varnish, oils, wax and polishes,  followed by buffing your floors to a perfect shine using the proper polishing pads. These services are usually able to be completed in one day and floors can be walked on 24 h after the process is completed.

 Our 15 years of flooring experience allows us to accurately match the  shine of your existing finish and ensure a smooth, even transition  between newly coated areas and areas left alone. By re-coating your hardwood or engineered floors you will not only refresh the beauty,  remove scratches and dull-areas, but also protect your investment for years to come.  It's an affordable cosmetic maintenance method that isn't messy.  You  have the option of making the floors shinier or less shiny - you can choose from matte, satin, semi-gloss or glossy finishes.